Una mega fiesta el sabado no fue suficiente para celebrar mi amor y sus 30 años 😉 Ayer juntamos un grupo de 30 personas para cenar en el restaurante Filicori!! No se cuantas micheladas, cubas y jagershots despues tuvimos que ir porque era lunes e iban a cerrar… Ahi no termino la celebracion… Seguimos a la nueva casa de Allie y Diego. Una noche muy agusto, me diverti mucho 🙂 hoy en la mañana cuando tuve que levantarme temprano para ir a trabajar no me diverti igual pero fuck it – mañana voy a NYC!!!!

A mega party last Saturday wasn’t enough to celebrate my baby and his 30’s 🙂 Yesterday we organized a dinner at the restaurant Filicori and in the end we were about 30 ppl! After an unknown number of cubas, micheladas and jagershots we had to leave… It was Monday and the restaurant had to close 😉 but the celebration didn’t end there. From there we went to Allie and Diego’s new apartment and kept the party going. I really had a great time, it was a good night! Today in the morning when I had to wake up early to go to work I didn’t have such a “great” time… But you know what – fuck it, I’m going to NYC tomorrow!!!







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