La semana pasada la marca Custom Projects me regalo unos lentes. Son hechos 100% a mano y la madera que usan es certificada de bosques sustentables en México, Colombia y Costa Rica. Ademas  se ven super cool 😉 Jajaja!! Los chicos detraz de la marca tienen un plan super padre!! Quieren crear conciencia en union empresa-cliente-comunidad y por eso prometen plantar un arbol por cada par de lentes vendidos!

Last week the brand Custom Projects gave me a pair of glasses. They are 100% hand made and the wood that they use comes from sustainable forests in Mexico, Colombia and Costa Rica. They also look super cool 😉 Hahaha!! The guys behind the brand also have a plan on how to give back to society!! They want to create awareness between company-costumer-community so they promise to plant a tree for every pair of glasses sold!

Skärmavbild 2013-10-31 kl. 13.14.32

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