Por primera vez no voy a decir “que rápido pasó este mes” porque siento que Enero duró un buen rato! Hicimos muchas cosas! Estuvimos en Punta Mita, luego en Panamá, Andy regresó a México, entré al #Programa14días, el baby shower de Felo y Caro, outfits para el blog… Okey, los outfits no fueron tantos pero aquí hice un collage para ver si tienen algún favorito??


For the first time I’m not gonna write “this month went by so fast” because I honestly feel like January lasted forever! We did so many things! We were in Punta Mita, then Panamá, Andy came back to Mexico, I started #Programa14días, Felo and Caro had their baby shower, I took a bunch of outfits photos for the blog… Okey, maybe not too many OOTD photos but here are the ones I took, any favorite??

Mexalex - January

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