combivent price Estoy muy feliz y súper orgullosa de nosotros!! Pues recibir el reporte de careprost to buy ¡Échale! A tu casa, y ver las siete casas que pudieron construir con la donación que hicimos por la venta de los tenis best price epitol 200mg ANKAA x MEXALEX, me llenó el corazón de amor! Imagínense que, siete familias tienen ahora un lugar digno en donde vivir!

retin-a tretinoin cream buy De verdad les quiero agradecer con todo mi alma, primero a Santiago y Luis que hicieron este proyecto conmigo! Esto va a sonar como un discurso de un Oscar ¿verdad? Jajajaja, pero no me importa! Gracias por creer en esta idea y hacerlo realidad, gracias por pasar sus fines de semana en Bazares conmigo (y sin mi también!!) y gracias por ser dos seres con corazones inmensos!! Valen mil, nunca cambien 😉

buy frumil Ahora a ustedes, mis seguidores, mis amigos, todos los que compraron los tenis. GRACIAS!! Nada de esto sería posible sin ustedes! Gracias por apoyarme siempre, por todos sus mensajes, gracias por ponerme de buenas cuando estoy mal, y gracias por siempre siempre inspirarme a ser mejor! Esta relación “virtual” que tengo con ustedes está bien loca, pero la neta es increíble! LOS AMO!! Dejemos de imaginar cosas chingonas y hagámoslas!! Juntos somos más fuertes <3

valtrex cost cystone price I’m so happy and so proud of us!! Receiving the report from ¡Échale! A tu casa, and seeing the seven houses they were able to build thanks to the donation from our project ANKAA x MEXALEX filled my heart with so much love! Imagine, now seven families have a place to call home!

cyclosporine eye drops price in india aczone price I really want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart, and a special thank you to Santiago and Luis who made this project with me! This is going to sound like I just won an Oscar or something, but I don’t care =) Thank you so much for believing in this idea and turning it into reality. Thank you for spending your weekends with me (and sometime without me) at different Bazaars selling shoes and thank you for just being two wonderful human beings with enormous hearts!

xtane price in india yasmin uk And you guys, my followers, my friends, all of you who bought the shoes; THANK YOU!! This wouldn’t have been possible without you. Thank you for all your support, for your beautiful messages, for making me happy when I’m sad and most importantly for inspiring me everyday! This virtual relationship we have is so crazy and beautiful at the same time. I Love you! Now, let’s stop imagining amazing things, and let’s start doing them! Together we are stronger.

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4 Replies to “¡GRACIAS!”

  1. NATALIE PALAZUELOS says: 1 August, 2018 at 8:53 am

    where to buy kamagra oral jelly uk My Dear Alex
    I am so proud of you of what you have accomplished…The truth you took a change and look what happen. With the help of all of us who came together (in purchasing) the sneakers) that you designed and took it to another level to help out your 2nd home, i mean come on..
    I have to thank you for letting me be part of it, for letting me help my country int he time of need, for letting me see what was done with the $ you have raised…
    Alex, you are one hell of a Chick..
    Thanks and thanks to everyone that helped out.. I know that with out you starting this non of this would happen.
    Love ya Cocotte..♥♥♥

    1. mexalex says: 1 August, 2018 at 8:55 am

      xalatan walmart price You’re amazing Nat, thank you ❤️

  2. Ignacio says: 15 August, 2018 at 8:56 pm

    asacol usa You my hero…gracias por todo…viva MEXICO

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