La cena de ayer termino en una mega peda… Ooops. Pero que bien nos pasamos! Fuimos a un restaurante que esta sobre Alvaro Obregon, se llama Jamon Jamon! Si te gusta el jamon serrano -VEN!!

Ahi empezamos con una botella de vino, unas tequilas, un mojito, otro… Y terminamos en la casa a las 5 de la mañana!

Yesterday’s dinner took a sudden turn and became a mega party… Ooops. But we had soo much fun 😉 We started out at a restaurant on Alvaro Obregon called Jamon Jamon! If you like Jamon Serrano you have to go there!!

You know how the story goes… A bottle of wine, some shots of tequila, one mojito…two… And 5 o’clock in the morning we were still going 🙂

Una botella de vino… / One bottle of wine…


Dos… / Two…


Tres… / Three..


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