Que dia tan largo!! Hoy me levante temprano para ir con Re a su chamba… Despues de su chamba tuvimos un photoshoot cerca de su set por esto pense “si el esta grabando tal vez la maquillista me quiere ayudar para el shoot” y si!! Super buena onda!! Gracias Areli ūüôā Despues del shoot hicimos casi 3 horas de regreso a la casa… El trafico estuvo brutal!! Por fin estamos en casa y ahora voy a dormir porque ma√Īana trabajo a las 4.50 am!!!!

Today lasted forever!! I got up really early this morning because I went with Re to his job… When he finished we had a photoshoot together close by so I thought “If he is shooting I can ask his make up artist to help me get ready” and she did!! Thank you so much Areli ūüôā When we were done with our photoshoot it took us 3 hours to get back home. The traffic today was brutal!! Anyways, we are home now and I’m going to bed because tomorrow I start working at 4.50 am!!!!


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