Ustedes saben quien es Mr. Infinitum verdad??! El chico del comercial de Telmex Infinitum. La foto que esta por todos lados en todo el pais. Tiene chinos y lentes y no importa donde camines ahi esta con su cara y sus manos de “Haz click”… Siempre pense que si algun dia me fuera a pasar por la calle, me iba a dar cuenta en dos segundos pero no. Ayer trabaje con el todo el dia y no me di cuenta hasta una chica queria una foto con el y tuve que preguntar porque… Despues tuve que sacar una foto yo tambien!! Voy a decir la verdad… Me senti un poco “starstruck” Jajajaja les presento a Ket a.k.a Mr. Infinitum

Do you guys know who Mr. Infinitum is?? It’s the guy from the Telmex Infinitum commercials. He is on the photo that is all over this damn country. Curly hair, glasses, it doesn’t matter where you go, you will see his face and his hand gesture “Haz click”… I always thought that If I would pass him on the street one day I would know in two seconds that it was him, but no. Yesterday I was working with him all day and I didn’t notice until a girl came up to him asking for a photo, at that point I had to ask why and when he told me I wanted a photo too (obviously) I have to admit I felt a little “starstruck” Hahahahah!! I introduce to you Ket a.k.a Mr. Infinitum

Aqui esta la foto pero cambiaron el texto jajajaja!! No pude encontrar otra asi que ignora el texto!!

Here’s the photo but with a different text hahaha!! I couldn’t find the real one so just ignore the text!


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