Hoy trabajé tooodoooo el día!!! Desperté con miedo de estar cruda y cansada pero me sentí super bien, gracias a Dios. Anoche termine un poquito mas tarde de lo planeado pero que bien la pasamos. Para celebrar el día de amor fuimos a ver a nuestro querido amigo Juan Solo en la Plaza Condesa. Wooow, que show!! Solo Juan Solo puede tener cien-tantas chicas gritando SUEGRA a su mamá, un chico le pidio matrimonio a su novia en el escenario y Jenny and the Mexicats tocaron unas rolas de sorpresa!! Juan eres un genio y soy tu fan.

Today I’ve been working all day long!!! When I woke up this morning I was scared I would be hung over and tired but I woke up feeling really good, thank God. Last night I went to bed a little bit later than planned. To celebrate Valentine’s Day we went to see Juan Solo play at Plaza Condesa. Woooow, what a show!! Only Juan Solo manages to get hundreds of girls screaming MOTHER IN LAW to his mom, then having a guy get up on stage and propose to his girlfriend and finally inviting Jenny and the Mexicats up on stage for a secret performance!! Juan you’re a genius and I’m your fan.

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