Hoy empecé el programa #SoyFitness de 14 días con Nestle para el Women Weekend! Somos varias chicas que vamos a probar el work out #sersanabodymethod. Tambien vamos a comer sano, una nutriologa nos ayudo con un menu!! Estoy súper emocionada, quiero cambiar mi estilo de vida y creo que esto es lo que necesito!! Antes de empezar nos tomamos unas fotos y aquí tienen la mía junto con las fotos de Ale Moreno y Pambo!


Today I started the program #SoyFitness, it’s organized by Nestle for the Women Weekend and it will go on for 14 days! We are a bunch of girls trying the work out #sersanabodymethod. During these two weeks we will be eating healthy as well, a nutriologist helped us out with a menu!! I’m so excited to get started, I really want to change my lifestyle and I think this is the push that I need!! Before we started we did a photoshoot and here is my pic along with Ale Morenos and Pambos!


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